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Influenza (Flu)


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Advice for parents

You or your child has been diagnosed with “the flu”. The typical symptoms are a high fever , runny nose , chesty cough , aches and pains and sometimes vomiting . In the majority of people it is an uncomfortable but harmless condition that will settle within 5 to 7 days

Antibiotics will not help with the flu and can sometimes make things worse by causing stomach upset and diarrhoea . Occasionally a person might develop a complication of the flu such as an ear infection or bronchitis that might require an antibiotic but these complications usually only begin five to seven days after the flu symptoms beginning .

The best treatment for the flu is to control the temperature with Calpol or Nurofen (see below re dosing ) . It is important to keep the patient well hydrated by giving plenty of isotonic fluids as outlined below . Cough bottles usually do not work in children and antibiotics are not helpful in uncomplicated cases . Keep the patient at home until the symptoms settle (usually 5 to 7 days) .

You can safely treat the flu at home using the above measures. However you should make an appointment to see one of the Doctors in The Ashe Street Clinic if you or your child has one of the following problems :
* Symptoms lasting longer than 7 days.
* Persisting vomiting and not keeping down isotonic fluids.
* Rash.
* Headache not responding to Calpol, Paracetamol or Nurofen.
* An ear ache.
* Breathlessness, confusion or drowsiness.

People whose immune system is depressed may need anti viral medication and if any of these people develop flu symptoms they should contact The Ashe Street Clinic as soon as they start to develop symptoms (i.e. within the 1st 24 hours of getting the flu ) These people should also have the flu vaccine every autumn.


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