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Diabetes and Food – The First Ten Steps


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You have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes.

Treatment involves following a healthy diet and taking plenty of exercise. You may need to take some tablets. You may need to see a Dietician for individual dietary advice.

Use the following guidelines until you see the Dietician.

Try to:


Eat regular meals throughout the day.


The main part of each meal or snack should be made up of porridge, bread, breakfast cereal, potato, pasta or rice. Try to include high fibre wholegrain varieties whenever possible.


Reduce your sugar intake by avoiding sugar, honey, sweets, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, jellies, fizzy drinks and fruit juices.


Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.


Loose some weight (if you are overweight) by reducing the amount of food eaten, especially high fat or fried foods.


Limit your intake of high fat foods by decreasing the amount of butter, cream, crisps, chips, biscuits, pastries and fried food you eat. Choose the “low fat” options. Try to decrease your intake of processed meat and remove any visible fat from meat/chicken.


Take 30 minutes physical activity most days. Brisk walking is ideal.


Do not waste any money on special diabetic foods – they are not necessary.


If you smoke, stop immediately. Smoking and diabetes are like petrol and matches – explosive!


Do not take any fizzy drinks (Coke, 7-Up, Lucozade, etc). If you are thirsty drink water or low fat milk. If you are exercising you may take isotonic drinks (eg. Lucozade Sport) or drink a fruit juice diluted half and half with water.



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