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Our aim is to provide high quality patient care in a courteous and efficient manner

Is Allergy Testing covered by the Medical Card?

No, but there is 10% discount for Medical Card holders. If your Medical Card is with another GP, please ask your own GP to send us a referral letter with 3 stamped STC forms. Click here for further details.


How much does Allergy Testing cost?

A full range of allergy tests including an allergy history, an allergy examination, blood allergy testing and a skin prick test followed by an exclusion diet if necessary, normally costs €205 but is on special offer at €185 at present. All these tests usually require two trips to the surgery. A skin patch allergy test for skin allergies cost €160 and requires three trips to the surgery. These are the most accurate allergy tests available in Ireland today. Do not be fooled by cheap, inaccurate and misleading allergy tests from alternative practitioners, health food shops, pharmacies, by post or “on line”. Click here for further details.


How long after ingrown toenail surgery can I go back to college/work/sports?

Most people go back to work or school the next day and back to sports after one week.


Will I be able to drive home after my surgical procedure?

It depends on the surgical procedure – for most small procedures, you will be able to drive yourself home.


Do we do tattoo removal?

Not at present.


Do I need a referral letter from my doctor, if I am coming to see Dr. Buckley privately?

No, but please bring a list of your current medication with you.


What travel vaccinations and malaria precautions do I need when going to a country outside Europe and North America? And how much do they cost?

Please use the link and enter your country of destination. It will give you a list of the vaccines you require. Prices are given at consultation with our vaccination Nurse and there are no administration charges. You pay for the vaccine only. Phone or e mail if you want an estimate of the costs. Please plan to have your vaccines at least 6 to 12 weeks before you travel. If you are going abroad for a long time you may need 6 months to have all your vaccines completed before you go. We give discounts for people travling or working overseas for charitable organizations and we also give group discounts.


Will my Medical Card cover my laser treatment for broken veins/hair removal?

No, but 10% discount will be allowed for Medical Card holders. See for more details and prices.


Is there parking near the clinic?

There is limited on-street parking on Ashe Street and it costs €1.20 per hour. There are 2 multi-storey carparks in the adjacent streets: Maine Street & Edward Street. Dunnes Stores on North Circular Road has customer car-park within walking distance also.


Where is the clinic located?

The Ashe Street Clinic is located at 36 Ashe Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry. We are on the same street as the Courthouse, St. John's Protestant Church and Kerry's Eye Newpaper and we are down the road from Dunnes Stores, North Circular Road, as you approach the town centre. We are on the corner of Ashe Street and Church Street, on the right hand side, directly across the street from Lloyds Pharmacy. We are only 3 minutes’ walk form the bus and rail station.


What is the difference between a full Medical Card and a Doctor Visit Card?

  • With the full Medical Card, your visits to the doctor AND your medication is covered.
  • With the Doctor Visit Card, your visits to the doctor are covered, only.
  • Note: For Medical Card holders, there is a Pharmacy charge of €2.50 per item.


How do I apply for a Medical Card/GP visit card?

Forms are available at reception. Please complete all sections and return your form to reception for doctor's signature & stamp. Please see the 'Useful links for managing your health' section of our web site for more information about how to apply for a Medical Card or Doctors Visit Card.


How do I apply for a free under age 6 doctor visit card or over 70 GP visit card?

See the section - = patient resources = useful links = How to apply for an Under 6’s/ over 70’s GP Visit Cardlog on to and make sure to have your PPS number to hand.

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 36 Ashe Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry

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The Ashe Street Clinic