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Brain Gym - Active Retired


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Play games to challenge your mind – chess, word and number puzzles, jigsaws, crosswords, cards, sudoku, etc.


Pursue a new interest such as learning to play a musical instrument, learn a new language, play bridge or take a night course.


Break your routine – take a different route to the shops or change the order of your morning routine.


Pursue cultural activities with friends like going to plays, museums, concerts, galleries and the cinema. Read a book – discuss it with a friend.


Keep up hobbies such as sewing, carpentry or take up a new hobby.


Choose physical exercise that challenges your brain as well as your body, e.g. dancing, golf, pitch and putt, gardening, hill walking, orienteering, tennis or bowls.


Keep up your interest in sports, politics and current affairs by reading the newspaper and watching or listening to the news every day.


Plan a short holiday or break away every few months to break the monotony of everyday life – “everyone needs a break”.


Learn how to use a mobile phone and/or computer – get texting, twittering and emailing! Use your brain rather than a calculator when doing simple maths.


Join an active retirement group and make new friends.



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